Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The site is free. How do you make money?

Relic Scout may receive a small commission for sales we refer to eBay through eBay Partner Network. This commission comes directly from eBay and does not affect the price that you pay for eBay purchases.

How often does the site update auction listing information?

Relic Scout uses eBay APIs to provide up-to-date eBay data. We may cache results for a short period of time to improve page load speed. Listing prices and other listing details should be reviewed directly on eBay before placing bids or purchasing items.

I sell on eBay. What is the best way to ensure that my listings appear on Relic Scout?

In general, titles should be easy to read and accurately describe the item. Ensure that proper names are spelled correctly and avoid adding keywords that aren't relevant. While Relic Scout does not currently filter out low quality listings, such as those with keyword spam, we may add this feature in the future.


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