About Relic Scout

The eBay website and official mobile app are extremely powerful and easy to use. Infact, they're so powerful that many unofficial eBay apps simply reskin the official features and give it a trendy name.

We wanted an app that didn't exist.

As comic book and trading card collectors, we searched high and low for an app that would help us grow our collections. We needed pricing data to help us flip collectibles and fill our want lists. Many apps were fine but none were good enough to justify the inconvenience of leaving the official app.

So we set out to build our own... and failed. A lot.

Month after month, revision after revision, we struggled to produce a web app that was actually better than the official site or mobile app. We combined collectible data from other sources, presented it in novel ways to build want lists, and then abanonned it because it wasn't helpful. A few months later, we'd get a burst of inspiration and try again. The cycle would repeat until...

We realized our problem was the interface not the data.

We already had successful processes in place for buying cards and comics. Those processes were based on having multiple browser tabs open simultaneously. Each tab had different settings to accomplish specfic tasks such as viewing auction search results to bid on, checking fixed price listings for competitors, and researching market value with completed listings.

Relic Scout fixes the interface

Putting all of the pages we use regularly in one place was a game changer. Users can search for a product, see potentially undervalued items, and purchase them for their collection or resale.

Relic Scout is completely free to use and is supported by affiliate commission.

Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for the collectors and flippers like us. To keep the website running, coffee in our mugs, and food on our tables, we've selected a business model that supports us when you purchase an item on eBay through a Relic Scout link. When you click through a product link on Relic Scout and purchase any item on eBay, we may receive a small commission directly from eBay. The prices that you see on Relic Scout and ebay.com are not impacted by this affiliate partnership. Full details can be found in our affiliate disclosure.


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