About Relic Scout

Eko Wave LLC was founded by a group of passionate collectors on tight budgets. We want to provide fresh approaches to automating hobby tasks that are time consuming, expensive, or generally frustrating.

As collectors, we found ourselves constantly flipping between eBay auctions, fixed price listings, and completed listings to ensure that we didn’t overpay for collectibles. Maintaining multiple browser windows with different settings became a necessary evil. Finally, we decided to tackle the issue head-on and built Relic Scout.

Relic Scout is a powerful eBay search engine that puts auctions, fixed price listings, and sold listings right at your fingertips. We launched Relic Scout with only a basic search page and it was an overnight success in the Magic: the Gathering community. Our goal is to continue adding features to Relic Scout that make it the best choice for collectors, flippers, and anyone else looking to level up their eBay strategy.

To keep the website running, coffee in our mugs, and food on our tables, we've selected a business model that supports us when you purchase an item on eBay through a Relic Scout link. When you click through a product link on Relic Scout and purchase any item on eBay, we may receive a small commission directly from eBay. The prices that you see on Relic Scout and ebay.com are not impacted by this affiliate partnership. Full details can be found in our affiliate disclosure.


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